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A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped power my candidacy to represent District 4 on the Merced City Council from our July 2022 announcement to Election Day! In between we hosted more than 140 people at our kick-off event; knocked on more than 2400 doors in all of District 4’s neighborhoods; communicated with voters through town halls, radio, social media, and individual outreach; and worked hard every day to run the professional campaign that District 4 residents deserve.

The number of people I need to thank is long and I am going to forget someone who deserves praise. So with apologies in advance and a promise to atone later, a huge “Shane Smith for City Council” shout out to Jennifer Summers, Jon Hart, Stephanie Jackson, Renee Lopez, Alex Diep, Leon Cortez, Manni Nunez, Margaret Arechiga, Darren Rose, Kenra & Don Bragonier, Robert Haden and Betty Dawson, Gina and Paul Fromson, Priya & Vik Lakireddy, Sam Sangha and Family, Moua Thao, Nicole Silveira, Chad Englert, Richard Ramirez, Matt Van Hagen, Ryan Pasko, everyone with Merced City Firefighters Association, Emily Haden, Andrea Valitierra and Family, Connie Brons, Chou & Ruth Her and Family, Jim and Carlene Cunningham, Andrea Zimmerman, Richard Mayo, Ruth, Jesse, and Clarissa Estrada, Joshua Gonzalez, Doug & Kelli Fluetsch, Kathleen Crookham, Jeanne Schoenstein, Jerome Raspberry and Merced NAACP, Raquel Rios, John Pinnegar, Myles Richter, everyone with Merced Police Officers’ Association, Supervisor Josh Pedrozo, Edwin Kainth, Merced Hotel & Lodging Association, Will Kelly and everyone with North Valley Labor Federation, Jennifer Romo Andrade, Emi Villavicencio, Allen and Sheilah Brooks and Family, Mary & Scott Camper, Jill Cunningham-Wang, Rick Marchini, and everyone with Merced Boosters Club, Kim Rogina, Ernie Ochoa, and everyone with Merced County Association of Realtors, Mike Murphy, Mary-Michal Rawling, Patricia and Andy LiWang, Kara McCloskey, Peg and John Larson, Jermaine and Marci Pastor, Bimley West, Terry and May Pevsner, Grey Roberts, Brian Corpora, and everyone with Grey Roberts & Co., Vanessa Villegas, Paula Auld, Kathi Johnson at Gowans Printing, Wayne Brown at MTA Brown Mail Masters Plus, Melissa Villegas at Brightdart Print & Design, Robert Matsuo, Mark Parnell, everyone at 510 Bistro, Giancarlo and Anaeed DiTullio and everyone at Bella Luna, Adam Saxon at Image Masters, Danaelle Rodriguez, InsideLines, H&S Signs, Melissa’s Catering, Damien Galarza at Stephens Media Group, Mechanics Bank, Roger Wood, my mom and dad (Dee and Alan Smith), and of course, my wife and daughter Katrina and Selina!


I am proud of our shared vision for the future of Merced and look forward to celebrating our efforts tonight.

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Merced Moving Forward

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Keep Merced Moving Forward Together

Candidate Statement

Our City has made great progress toward realizing its potential, and we must stay on the right track.  That ideal guided my work as your MCSD trustee when I fought to keep our kids in school during the pandemic.  As your City Councilmember, I will continue to do the right thing, even when it’s unpopular.


​Our quality of life is directly connected to investments made in Merced’s residents, neighborhoods, and businesses.  I will vote for job-creating projects, but not at the expense of neighborhood character. I will promote opportunities for early career workers, invest in affordable housing and homelessness solutions, and work to diversify our local economy while protecting agriculture from sprawl.  Most of all, I will ensure the City does its part to beautify and maintain our parks, trails, and sidewalks.​


Of course, none of this matters if we don’t feel safe.  Your Councilmember should prioritize adequate support for all public safety personnel while working towards common-sense reforms.  I promise never to vote against police officer and firefighter safety.​


That’s why parents, teachers, and first responders in District 4 support me. 


Putting Shane's Experience
to Work

Shane Smith has a history of civic involvement in Merced.  In 2018, Shane was elected as a trustee of the Merced City School District serving the City’s northeast and north-central neighborhoods.  He relentlessly fought for the best interests of children and the value of parent choice during the COVID-19 shutdown.
Shane has been a stalwart contributor to City of Merced initiatives as well.  In 2015 he was an active member of the citizens’ commission that developed the City of Merced’s first Council district boundaries.  

In 2019, Shane chaired the City of Merced’s Charter Review Committee and stewarded the successful passage of Measures K, L, and M to enact Charter amendments that same year.  In 2020, in the midst our nation’s emotional discussion of race relations in America, Shane was invited to serve on the Police Advisory Committee alongside representatives from the Merced Police Department and a diverse group of residents to thoroughly review all police “use of force” policies.




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